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26th May 18
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Year 3 2015 - 2016

Lent - The Lost Son


In RE we have been learning about the sacrament of reconciliation. As part of this topic we have learned about lots of different bible stories including The lost sheep, Zacchaeus meets Jesus as well as The Prodigal Son. We acted out The Prodigal Son in small groups to the class and gave each other two stars and a wish. It was great fun and we enjoyed acting out the story in front of our friends. 

Stone Age Art


We looked in detail at stone age cave paintings and where they were discovered around the world. We discussed what the meaning behind them could be and the story they were trying to tell. We created our own cave paintings by staining paper and painting animals and hands just like the prehistoric people did! 

Science - Rocks


We linked our stone age topic to our science topic on rocks and did lots of investigations to find out more about what types of rocks there are and what they would be best used for. We went on a field trip to the wagon road and took photos of rocks. We then organised them into natural and man made. We talked about where rocks come from and how they might end up in the places we found them. 

In class we did a grouping activity and sorted rocks into groups and used a pictorial key to name and identify the rocks. Our last lesson involved us investiagting rocks to see which type of rock would be most suitable to build a stone age home near Stonehenge. 

Humphrey our class bear


In Year 3 we have a lovely, cuddly bear called Humphrey. He doesn't like to be left alone during the weekends so every Friday someone needs to take him home. If you are chosen please write in his book and either draw pictures or add photographs to show the rest of the class what you have been up to.

Have fun!

Stone Age


To start our new topic about the 'Stone Age' we organised timelines chronologically to get an idea of how long ago the stone age was. We were given task cards and we were asked to priortise them according to what we thought was the most important e.g. hunting, making tools, building a fire. This was very interesting and got everyone talking as we all had different opinions! 



Our science topic during the spring term has been all about teeth. We have learned about the different kinds of teeth humans and animals have. To demonstrate our learning we have even written some fantastic non-chronological reports about what we know about teeth. 

Last week we started learning about decay and which foods and drinks cause the most decay. To investiagte this we have carried out an experiment using hard boiled eggs to represent our teeth placed in different liquids. We are going to see which liquids have the most effect on the eggs so we know which would cause the most decay. Keeping our test fair was also important. 

Tullie House - Egyptians Visit


Recently year 3 visited Tullie House as part of our Egyptians topic. We learned about Gods and the afterlife as well as the river Nile and hieroglyphics. We enjoyed writing our own messages using hieroglyphics and we even made masks of famous Egyptian gods. We wore our masks during a role play session where we celebrated the life of King Tut and sent him off to the afterlife.