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26th May 18
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Visits and Visitors

Stations of the Cross


Each class created art work for two stations of the cross. The whole school then went over to our church, were Year 2, 4 and 5 led a liturgy based on the 15 stations. The congregation was invited and commented on the lovely service.

The Rosary


Father Ed visited Year 1 and 2 and told them information about the rosary. Father Ed said his favourite prayer was the Glory Be because it is a prayer of thanks.

Father Ed talks about The Blessed Sacrament


Father Ed visited Year 6 to talk to them about how Jesus chose to stay with us through the Blessed Sacrament. He talked to the children about the tabernacle and how it houses the hosts which have been consecrated. He got the children to reflect and contemplate what receiving the Blessed Sacrament means to them and how it can help them live a fulfilled life as Christians.

Sacrament of Reconciliation


Father Ed came to visit Year 3 to help them learn about what happens in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. They found out about the different steps involved in receiving this special Sacramment. Father Ed also told them about what went wrong when he made his first Confession! 

Our Visit to St. Bridget's School


A selection of children were chosen to go and share some of RE work with the children from St. Bridget's School. Whilst there the children made St. Bridget's crosses and made cross biscuits. It was a lovely afternoon and we can't wait for St. Bridget's to visit us!

Visit to Workington Magistrates' Court


Year 6 visited Workington Magistrates' Court where they were given a tour of the building and got to discover how a real court room works. They took part in a role play, each taking on different roles including: the defendent, the magistrates, the clerk, the prosecution, the defence, the usher, witnesses and members of the public gallery. They also discussed differet crimes that can be dealt with in a magistrates' court and the punishments which can be given.

The visit was very interesting and has helped the children with their R.E. topic on 'Justice'.