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21st May 18
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Curriculum R.E.

Jairus' Daughter


The children in Year 2 have found out about many of Jesus' miracles. They have found out that he even brought a little girl back to life. They acted out phone calls to a friend in another village and had to describe what they had seen.

Zimi's Story


As part of our 'Treasures' topic we have learned about a girl called Zimi. She is a little girl, from Zimbabwe who until CAFOD helped had no access to clean, running water. The children composed songs about water and how precious it is. They also went on the playground and simulated one of Zimi's journeys for water.They realised how lucky they are to have access to clean water that they can use anytime.



In Year 2 the children have been learning about 'Treasures' through the CAFOD units of work on justice. They have reflected on what a treasure is. They found out about the story of Creation. They learnt that God created this wonderful world as a gift that we are to treasure. They also found out that things such as water is a treasure and not everybody is as lucky as us to have easy access to water.