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21st November 17
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Year 5

Year 5


In Year 5 we use topics as the stimulus around which our learning is based. Throughout the school year we cover:

The Tudors and Stuarts, The U.S.A., Water, The Rainforest, South Africa and The Vikings,

Each topic gives us the opportunity to explore the world and how we see it in many different ways.

We have one teacher in our class- Mrs Miller and one STA and Learning Mentor- Mrs Scott.

In Year 5, we always strive to achieve and be the best that we can be. We are not frightened to make mistakes as we learn from them and we know that help is always readily available.

Below are the parents letters that inform you of what we are doing each term. Please have a look and if you have any questions do not hesitate to call the school or drop in to see a member of staff.

REACT Science Show


Years 5&6 visited the Lakes College to take part in the REACT Science Show, which was delivered by the National Science Museum.

The children watched an amazing display about how the digestive system works. They were taken on a journey from when food enters the body through the mouth to when it leaves when you visit the loo!!

The boys and girls even got to meet our local MP Trudy Harrison.



Year 5 and 6 were visited by Aftab Khan from AWAZ Cumbria. He came to talk to pupils about diversity, prejudice and racism. Following his visit, pupils created posters highlighting the diversity of Copeland. They also wrote poems and stories about tackling racism and prejudice. 

Cosmos Planetarium


Year 5 have had the most fabulous, amazing and OUT OF THIS WORLD experience today. We have been visited by Steve from Cosmos Planetarium who brought a mobile, inflatable planetarium dome with him. It was so big we had to put it in the Parish Hall!!! Were also joined by two of our governors, Mr Goulding and Mr Starkey.

Once inside the dome, we visited the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn's Rings, Mars and explored the constellations of the night sky. This took our breath away!!

Next, we designed and made a Mars Egg Drop Lander- our challenge was to design a lander which would land slowly, safely and not smash the egg!!

Finally, we visited the planetarium again and journeyed to the International Space Station.

Thank you to Steve- we've had an awesome experience!

Tullie House Visit- The Tudors


During the 1st half of the Autumn term, Year 5 visited Tullie House Museum to find out all about the Tudors in Carlisle.

We visited the Guild Hall an found out about the jobs Tudor people would have and why they would use the hall. The class also took part in an artefact handling session whereby they had to predict an give reasos as to what type of Tudor person each box belonged to.

We had a great day and lots of dressing up fun!


The Viking Visitor!!!


On Friday 15th April, we were lucky enough to have a real life Viking visit us in class for the day- his name was Bjarni Thorkhalson.

We took part in various activities throughout the day, leared lots and had so much fun.

Please look below at our videos and pictures ofthe day.


Tickled Pink- Peter Pan


On Thursday 25th March, Tickled Pink Theatre Company visited school to perform Peter Pan.

Before the performance, 30 children took part in a workshop, learning how to act on the stage and they were also given a part in the play-we had pirates, children, faries and mermaids! Well done!

All of the children in the school had a super time and thorougly enjoyed the visit!

Neverland forever!

Autumn Term Effort and Achievement Certificates


The certificates this term went to two very hard working and worthy pupils- well done Marnie and Harley- a super example to others!!