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21st May 18
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Year 6

Hello from Year 6!


Use the links below to see our newsletters for this term. They give you lots of information about what we are covering in class.

Also, take a look at our other pages to see what exciting activities we are up to in reading, writing, maths and a variety of other aspects of school life!

Safer Internet Day


As part of Safer Internet Day, Year 6 pupils explored how messages they send and receive may not always be true. They send messages to each other while in role as another character. When it was revealed who they had been talking to, they were very surprised.


Electricity Workshop


Pupils in Year 6 took part in a ‘Bright Sparks’ workshop with Sim from C-STEM. The children worked hard to create their own electrical circuits both parallel and series. They also made super observations about how the behaviour of the components changed when the orientation and number of batteries changed. They had a great day and were ‘buzzing’ with excitement.


Magistrates Court


Year 6 visited the Magistrates Court to help them learn about our Justice System. They took part in a role play activity to help them think about cyber-bullying. Pupils then examined a range of scenario cards and created a story about the crime being committed in the images. They enjoyed their visit and gained a better understanding of the 'Rule of Law'. 

Remembrance Day


Poppy visited Year 6 during November to help pupils understand what Remembrance Day is all about. She told the story of her brother who signed up and fought in World War One. Children and teachers dressed up in uniforms from the war and explored a range of artefacts from the era. 

World War Two Hawse End


Year 6 pupils were evacuated to Hawse End! They were met by the Home Guard and travelled to Hawse End via boat as the roads had been bombed! While there, they took part in code breaking activities as well as a search and rescue to find the injured pilots from a plane which had crashed! 

Tullie House WWII


Year 6 pupils enjoyed a visit to Tullie House to learn about life on the home front and the life of an evacuee during World War Two. They looked closely at a range of artefacts and extended their knowledge of everyday life during this period. 

World War Two Day


Year 6 had a World War Two day in class. They investigated different codes that were used to help send messages in World War Two as well as creating and sending their own messages. 

Friendship Day


Pupils throughout the school created their own project to show what being a friend is, how to make friends and why friendship is so important. They all enjoyed creating their own projects and winning projects were chosen from each class. 

Heart Start


Pupils throughout the school took part in Heart Start sessions. They enjoyed learning what to do if different medical emergencies arise. 

REACT Science Show


Years 5&6 visited the Lakes College to take part in the REACT Science Show, which was delivered by the National Science Museum.

The children watched an amazing display about how the digestive system works. They were taken on a journey from when food enters the body through the mouth to when it leaves when you visit the loo!!

The boys and girls even got to meet our local MP Trudy Harrison.