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21st May 18
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Reading in Year 2



During the Autumn term children revise some areas of phase 5 concentrating mainly on the phonemes with most graphemes e.g. the ‘ee’ sound. They also take home 10 spellings.  Some words may contain the phoneme of that week and then there are common exception words such as beautiful. Children are tested on these spellings every Monday and given the next spellings that day. Throughout the week the children are given the opportunity to practice their spellings and put them into sentences. Then during the Spring and Summer term children cover all the spelling patterns for phase 6 and take home the relevant spellings eg. the suffix ed or ing.


The children in Year 2 have a reading book and reading diary that go home every night. Parents, teachers and other members of staff make comments in the diary and then the book is changed when successfully read.

Throughout the week children work on guided reading sessions and reading comprehensions either independently or with a member of staff.

The children also complete a reading challenge. This may include writing a book review, designing the front cover of a book or writing a character description. When the children complete their challenge they receive a prize.



In Year 2 children are assessed on their reading frequently. From this assessment the teacher may decide that Reading Intervention would benefit the child. Reading Intervention is an intensive, research-based programme that is an effective way of accelerating the development of children’s early literacy skills.

Each programme is unique and specifically planned for an individual child. Teaching is based on detailed assessments of a child at the start of a programme. These assessments are then repeated at the end of the programme to measure progress.

In Cumbria, a Reading Intervention trained teacher or teaching assistant works on a one-to-one basis with a child. The programme usually involves 48 sessions of support delivered over a 12-week period.

Additionally for any children that did not pass the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check there is small group work throughout the week  These children work on phase 5 phonics and also look at spelling patterns.