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26th May 18
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Reading -Going for Gold!


Following the success of Team GB in the olympics this year, year 3 are also going for gold by becoming athletic readers!  Children are encouraged to read every night, showing dedication to reading and improving their brain muscle!

Children's Reading Diaries are checked regulary through group guided reading sessions and individual reading by the teachers. 

If a child is reading every day at home, they will be rewarded a gold medal and certificate for there reading stamina throughout the half term.

Go for gold Year 3!

Good luck :)  


Reading in Year 3 2015 - 2016


All children in Year 3 have their own individual reading book and reading record. They are responsible for taking this book home every night and reading with a grown up at home. In the front of their reading record each child has their own target and parents are encouraged to discuss this with their child as they read together. Furthermore, there is also a set of questions that parents could ask their child as they read to ensure the child fully comprehends the content of the book they are reading.

Books are changed on a regular basis. Children are encouaged to tell the teacher or teaching assistant when they have completed their book.

Many children in Year 3 have the option of choosing their own book. They are encouraged to use the blurb to help them decide which book they want to read. Children are also encouraged to alternate between fiction and non-fiction books to ensure they gain an understanding of the features found in different genres.



All children at St Mary's have a username and password which allows them access to a reading programme called Lexia. Children are able to access this from home using an iPad or computer. If you require help with this please do not hesiatate to contact me.