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26th May 18
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Writing is very important in Year 3 and children write every day. In Literacy lessons their writing is usually based on a book the class are sharing which links to the topic currently being studied in class. Each day their writing will be in a different genre. Throughout the year children will be taught how to write diaries, letters, newspaper reports, settings, character descriptions, non-chronological reports and biographies. Children use lots of role play in lessons to help them understand what characters might think, feel and say. It’s always great fun!

For each piece of writing the children have a marking ladder which helps children know what features they need to include within their writing. Once a piece of work is completed the marking ladder is used to assess what children have done well and what they need to improve next time. Children can assess their own work by highlighting good vocabulary and features from their marking ladder. When marking a piece of work the teacher will highlight successful points in pink and areas for improvement in yellow. Children have the opportunity during Morning Task time to improve any parts highlighted yellow.


Each child has an individual writing target which they work on in all our lessons. Once the target has been achieved three times their success is celebrated and they are given a new target.


As well as writing in Literacy lessons the children are provided with opportunities to write in other subjects allowing children to apply their writing skills in a wider context. Children often produce extended pieces of writing in History, Geography, Science and R.E. lessons.