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21st May 18
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Year 3 2012-2014



During Spring term Year 3 studied the Ancient Egyptians. They had great fun making their own 3D pyramids. When they were finished they looked spectacular!



During the Spring Term Year 3 studied Materials during their Science lessons.

They went on a 'Material Hunt' around school and found lots of different items made from a variety of materials. They also were able to describe how they knew what each object was made out of.

They also carried out their own investigation to find out which tights stretched the most. It was great fun!

Teeth and Eating


We have started a new Science topic 'Teeth and Eating. We made out own set of teeth to show the different shapes of the teeth and where they are located.

Dinosaur DT


Year 3 made pneumatic dinosaurs in DT. 

Our dinosaurs opened their mouths using a balloon!

Science - Dinosaur Teeth


In Science we have carried out an experiment to find out which shaped teeth are the best for piercing the skin of other dinosaurs. We found out that pointy teeth are the best for T-Rex to have because these went deeper than flat, sqaure teeth.



This term we have been learning about dinosaurs. We know these extinct creatures existed because paleontologists have excavated fossils. We tried to excavate our own fossils from... chocolate chip cookies! It was very difficult to remove the fossils without breaking them! 

Baptism at St Mary's Church


We visited St Mary's church with our class baby so that he could be baptised and become part of the Christian family. Father Paul baptised our baby and we found out about what happens when a baby is baptised.

Baptism at Elim Church


We visited Elim Church to find out about baptism in their church. They baptise young adults at this Church and they submerge people in water to do this. When they are submerged in water it is like they are sharing in Jesus' death in the tomb but when they rise up they are sharing in Jesus' resurrection.

Year 3 2012 - 2013

We have been learning about the Jerusalem Cross as part of our Year of Faith work. We created our own Jerusalem cross which is made up of one large cross and four smaller crosses. The large cross represents Jerusalem, the place where the Church began. The four smaller crosses represent the four corners of the world to show how far Christianity has spread.


As part of our Year of Faith work we have also studied St Paul. We read about how Saul became Paul following his encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus. We created our own paintings to show the beam of light that cause him to fall off his horse and blinded him. 


One of our R.E topics involves learning about Baptism. We took our own class ‘baby’ to St Mary’s Church and Father so that she could be baptised.

We also visited Elim Church to discover how other people get baptised.

We met some hilarious characters there!

During our Dinosaur Topic we made our own pneumatic dinosaur. They were great fun to make and use!


One of our Science topics is Teeth and Eating. During this topic we made our own set of model human teeth. Some of the canines we made looked like they might belong to a vampire!

This year we have been learning to play the ukulele with Mr Wray. We performed some of our favourite songs for our parents.