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21st May 18
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Super Readers!!!


In Year 5 we love to read! Each child has their own book, which they have either chosen from the selection in the library or from the reading challenge shelf. Year 5 are expected to read each night for their homework, throughout the week showing a mixture of both independent reading and reading aloud to an adult. Reading diaries are checked regularly and those children who have read at home, to an adult, at least 10 times, get entered into a prize draw. The lucky winners then have a chance to choose a book from Miss Martin's Treasure Trove of texts!!

Children who partake in the reading challenge complete a book review upon finishing their book and receive a sticker in their reading passport to say they have read the book. When their passport is full, they have completed the challenge and will enter a draw to receive a prize from their class teacher.

Guided reading is very important in Year 5 and sessions take place each week. The children are grouped together to read an extract of text chosen by the teacher. They are then asked a series of questions about the text which will challenge them to find and retrieve answers as well as deduce information, give opinions and back up with evidence from the text. The class also take part in regular Lexia sessions- this helps wth both their reading and spelling attainment.

Teacher led reading is done daily in Year 5, mostly through literacy but can be in other curriculum areas. Our class book is often that which is being used to aid our writing. The teacher will read an extract to model to the children how to read aloud fluently and confidently.

Please encourage your child to read at home- it is massively important and will have great impact upon their fluency and writing skills.