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21st May 18
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Ethos and Values

Mission Statement


At St Mary's We Grow and Learn in the Footsteps of Jesus

Our New Mission Statement


At St. Mary's School staff, children and parents were asked to think about the school and what makes our school catholic. The children were asked to create a shield that would then be judged by staff. Every child that took part in the competition were given a Bible. Even more special was the fact that every Bible school purchased another Bible was sent to a child in a third world coutry. As a school we had been working hard to change our mission statement it had been discussed at staffmeetings, governors meetings, in classes and class and school council. The winning shield had the statement 'At St. Mary's We Grow and Learn in the Footsteps of Jesus.' It was decided that this was a perfect mission statement as this is exactly what we do 'Put Christ at the centre.' Well done Kye!

We seek to meet the challenge of putting Christ, the embodiment of the presence of the creator God, at the centre of all our understanding and actions because this notion, and our understanding of it, enlightens everything that we do.


Mission Statement

St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School aims for all pupils to have

experience of quality spiritual, physical, academic, cultural, moral and

social learning opportunities, in order to achieve their potential.


We aim for all our children to:

-   develop in mind, body and spirit

-   achieve high academic standards

-   achieve their full potential as an individual in their school, parish and wider community

-   develop self confidence and acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to the changing world in which they live

-   respect and value themselves, other people and the environment

-   work independently and collaboratively

-   take responsibility for their own actions, make informed choices and recognise appropriate behaviours

-   make a positive contribution as citizens within the community and in the wider world

-  develop an understanding of ways to keep safe and healthy

-  enjoy school


“At St. Mary's School We Grow and Learn 

in the Footsteps of Jesus.”