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26th May 18
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School Council

Food Bank


Today (Friday 17th Novemeber), the children are taking part in Children in Need. They have came into school in non-uniform and have dontated one tin to our local food bank. The amount of tins we have had is overwhelming. The school councillors would like to thankyou from the bottom of their hearts. 

The school councillors decided once again to take part in Operation Christmas Child. The response we got from the children and parents was unbelieveable and because of their kind donations we successfully created 28 shoe boxes which will be sent to Albania. I'm sure the children of Albania will have a very happy christmas when they receive their gifts. On behalf of the school council, thank you very much. 

Juice and biscuit sale


The school council decided to hold a non-uniform day and a juice and bsicuit sale at break time to raise money for Hospice at Home. The children thought it was a real treat to be able to buy juice and biscuits and there was not a scrap left! The chidlren would like to thank all of their family and friends for supporting this wonderful cause. 

St. Mary's School Council


At our school we have a very active school council committee, made up of representitives from the class councils in each year group. The school council meet regularly and discuss issues raised by children from each class with Mrs Starkie and any other relevant staff.

Have a look below to see some of the work that the school council have been involved in recently: (All of the information has all been written by the children and all photos taken by them using our iPads.)

Classroom Votes!


Our school councillors were voted for by their class peers. They were asked to think about who they would like to represent their class at school council meetings and who they think would be the best people to put forward their ideas of how to make their school experience better.

All of the scool councillors would like to thank their class mates for their votes and they promise they will do their best to put forward your ideas.

Cycle Pods


The class councils suggested to the school council that we should get cycle pods, as many people were worried about getting their bikes/scooters stolen as they were stored out of school bounds. Our head teacher agreed that we could have cycle pods so the school council decided on them and they came in April and got fitted 2 days later. The pupils are currently appreciating these as their bikes are not getting damaged. Also there is less risk of their bike being stolen. The new cycle pods have also encouraged more children to cycle/scoot to school which is good for their health and fitness as well as the environment.

Abby, Ryan and Keelan.

Play Castle


In the Nursery and Reception outdoor area there has been a magical wooden castle fitted so the cheeky, energetic rascals can enjoy themselves! This vast structure has been introduced because the Reception and Nursery kids wanted something better to play on. The idea was suggested to the panel of school council members by the Nursery and Reception class councillors and Mrs Starkie. The group of decisive children discussed the different points that the castle needed. The little kids love the castle and they are making the most of it by playing together and pretending to be fairytale characters.

Sophie, Korben and Harley


Library Refurbishment


The library needed changed because it looked very dull; it was difficult to find books and the carpet had horrid stains on it. Also the bookshelves were a dark, miserable colour. Individuals complained to the class council that it was out dated so the class council told the school council, then they delt with the problem. Mrs Starkie took it to heart and asked the school council what they wanted it to look like and how it would work and how it would be easier for children to use.

Now it has new lights, new flooring and rugs, a new desk for the librarians and new chairs. The new shelves are very bright and it is a lot easier to find books to read. It has become a place that we all want to use and enjoy!

Jake and Olivia


New Climbing Wall


Our school council decided to ask for a brand new climbing wall because the children were saying that the playground was plain and boring. Also a lot of children were not having fun at playtimes, as they had nothing to play with. This idea of the climbing wall was suggested by the school council. The tallest and smallest children in the school were measured to see how far apart the pieces would have to be. The biggest size climbing wall was fitted first and a few weeks later the smallest one was fitted. There is now a wall suitable for all ages of children throughout the school. They play frequently on the wall at playtimes and the all have fun!

William, Kieran. F. and Gemma

Picnic Benches


The School Council suggested to the head, after ideas from the class councils, that we should have picnic benches. Here are the reasons why: they are comfortable to sit and relax on and they are also helpful for eating on for special occasions such as the Year 6 S.A.T.S pizza party! They got installed as a majority of pupils didn’t have anywhere to sit and relax with friends at playtimes. Many pupils are currently enjoying having a chilled out time on them and they get used (weather depending) every day! (Especially now that it’s sunny everyone loves them!) The School Council decided on the style and material for the benches. They chose recycled plastic as it is environmentally friendly; they selected a round shape so all people could be included in conversations.

Ryan, Keelan and Abby

Playleader Equipment



Imagine this; broken and battered hula-hoops and snapped skipping ropes so you can never really play with them. That is until some class councils thought about getting new equipment and it arrived, after class councils  went to the school council. The school council thought deeply about what games the pupils regularly played during breaks and finally ordered bright hoopla-hoops, flexible skipping ropes and mega bouncy tennis balls! Now everybody enjoys the new equipment and playtimes are much better and more fun!

Gemma, Kieran. F. and William




New Tarmac and Playground Markings


It needed changed because the old tarmac was too rough and there were loose stones so it was not safe as children were injuring themselves .The old playground markings were too plain, dull and boring therefore children were not having as much fun as they could. The ideas for the new tarmac and markings were suggested by class councils and each individual child had a vote on which markings should be included – this vote was carried out by the school councillors. During the school holidays, the tarmac was replaced and once the tarmac was dried the new markings were painted on. Now all of the children enjoy using the playground and love playing games using the new markings – like hopscotch and the adventure trail!  William, Gemma and Kieran F.




Toilet Refurbishments


For a long time, many pupils have complained about the state of the toilets - something had to be done! After the suggestions from class councils, the school council came up with designs for the toilet referbishments. Every school holiday, from last summer until now, the new toilets were fitted in each class. The school council were involved in choosing colours and designs for the cubicles. Now the toilets are a much nicer, cleaner, brighter, and they are a welcoming place for us all.


Louisa, Kieran B. and Keiran M.

New Playground Bins


The bins we had in the school playground were smelly and old. They didn’t look very appealing. Also, there was a health and safety hazard… Wasps and bees were hovering over the bins; this was because of the stench of the rubbish thrown in and left lying around the bin. Now we have new mushroom bins that are much more safe and colourful! One is red and the other is green - the school councillors decided on them. It looks so much better and smells way better. It’s also more fun for the little ones even though it’s a bin! 

Brogan and Cody

New Lunch Tables and Benches


It was decided that, since everyone wasn’t happy with our previous tables, we would have new and improved dinner tables and benches. We chose these because all the chairs were getting broken and the majority were snapped on the old ones, so no one could sit next to their friends. Also you had to shout down the table to talk to your friends at the other side. Finally, not everyone could sit with their friends, that way everyone got upset and started to feel lonely.


It was the right thing to do as every class wanted new tables and chairs. Each of the class councillors chose the design of the tables. Then that recommendation was passed on to school council. School council considered this and then made it happen.


We had to wait a little bit of time for a company to bring samples to test them out. Some class councillors went to test them out to see if they fitted the varying sizes of the children in school. Each class council went round each pupil one by one in their class to ask which colour tables they wanted. We looked at the data in a school council meeting and then decided on the final style.


Now our new tables and benches are being used and we are all satisfied. It looks so much better in the dinner hall environment now. Also it is easier to talk to your friends and not have to shout down the tables. The tables are easier to stack up and put away therefore, life is better for the dinner ladies.

Cody, Jake, Olivia and Brogan

New Blinds


The class councils came to a decision that we should have new blinds in the hall and the classrooms. They passed this decision onto the head teacher. She agreed to have these installed. It has made a big impact on ALL students as when they are at singing practice they couldn’t see the words displayed on the wall from the overhead projector because of the sun! The blinds also block the sun out of the hall so pupils don’t sweat and become extremely hot! As well as that, in the hall, plays and PowerPoint presentations are shown so it’s important that the pupils can see what’s going on or they will not learn anything. The purpose of the blinds in the classrooms is that when children work, they tend to get too sweaty and hot when it’s sunny. The blinds stop even more heat coming through and distracting pupils when they are trying to work. They also allow the interactive whiteboards to be seen clearly with no light shining on them. This is how the blinds have made our school even better!


I.C.T. Suite


The I.C.T. suite was made in 2011. This was built because there wasn’t enough space in the old I.C.T suite and when people entered the school through the front door it meant they had to walk through the old suite so this disturbed our lessons. Also there weren’t enough computers so the pupils had to share and there wasn’t enough space to fit 3 stools in front of the computers. All the children, staff and parents complained about the old I.C.T suite. The school council were involved in planning it out. The school council also chose the tables and chairs and came up with the idea of using laptops instead of free standing computers. Now the I.C.T suite is nice and modern and everybody loves it! It really helps us with our work in ICT as well as in other subjects.

Kieran B., Louisa and Keiran M.