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We love reading in Year 6! We read to succeed! We read a variety of fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts to complement and enhance our topics in class. This is carried out as shared or guided reading as a class or in small groups but there is also an expectation that we read independently, using the skills we have developed in context, to support our class topics too. We always have a wide variety of books linked to current topics on display in class so we can use them to help develop our knowledge and understanding.

We all have a personal reading book that we have selected from the extensive school library or from the sets as part of the ‘Spellbinding Challenge’. We have the opportunity to read privately for pleasure at some point each day. We all have personal reading targets so we know what the next step in our reading learning journey will be and these are reviewed regularly with Miss Martin and Mrs Oldfield during 1-1, guided and reading comprehension sessions. We take the targets home in our reading diaries to share with our families too.

Each week our class V.I.P. selects a book of the week that they bring in for others to share. We research the author and our findings and opinions on the book are shared in our library display. Consequently, we are constantly building up a bank of information on a wide cross section of authors.


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