Head Boy and Head Girl – 2020-2021

Each year we choose two children to be our head girl and head boy.  This is a great honour and the announcement. The head girl and head boy are voted by the staff after a presentation where they tell staff and children why they would be a good candidate to represent the school and act as role models for other children.  Many things are taken into consideration when choosing our Head Girl and Head Boy, including attendance, thoughtfulness and care for others, attitude to learning, positivity and perseverance.  The head girl and head boy carry out a wide range of duties over the year including assemblies, showing visitors around our school and representing the school at events and special occasions.

Prayers for the Church Bulletin

The head boy and the head girl have been working closely with our parish priest Father Kevan Dorgan. They have written some prayers for the church bulletin during Lent.

Interview with Father Kevan

So that the school community could get to know Father Kevan a little better, the head boy and head girl asked if he would like to take part in an interview. Father Kevan told the children lots of information about himself and we are really looking forward to Thai food and the accordion being part of our prayer and liturgy and assemblies. We thought that the message that Father gave to our families was lovely – JESUS LOVES YOU.