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Halloween Fun day!

Nursery had a fabulous time celebrating Halloween, where they dressed up as spooky ghosts, zombies and witches galore!.  The children played team games such as pass the parcel and musical statues, and after all this excitement, we sat down and enjoyed a delicious snack... that we prepared ourselves! Take a look at our class photo, although you may be a little frightened! 

Autumn Walk

In Autumn term 2, the children were learning about the season of Autumn. As part of this, the children enjoyed discussing what signs there are in the natural world around us that show us that we were in the season of Autumn and linking these to our own experiences. We enjoyed exploring the school grounds for signs of autumn and talking about how the natural environment has changed such as the changing colour of the leaves. The children were particularly interested in the fact that days get shorter, and nights get longer during the Autumn months. We also learned about special events that occur during the Autumn months such as Halloween, Harvest Festival, and Bonfire night, and how people celebrate these.  The children enjoyed their Autumn walk around the local area, where they searched for signs of Autumn and engaged in lots of conversations with grown-ups and friends to share what they can see, smell, feel and touch.  During our walk, we also sang some songs and practiced counting how many leaves, twigs, and other objects such as boats we could see. After our walk, the children loved sharing their thoughts about the trip whilst enjoying a special snack and a delicious cup of hot chocolate… with marshmallows!