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Class Photo Gallery

2023-2024 Class Photo Gallery

Mystery Readers! Check back each week to see who it has been...

The Good Samaritan - Mrs Wright, from the diocese, came in to lead a 'Godly Play' session for us based on the story of 'The Good Samaritan'.

Shelters for Jesus in the desert - We have been hearing the story of Jesus in the desert where he went for 40 days before his crucifixion. The children created shelters to shelter Jesus from the hot sun and strong wings found there as well as the chill that arrives over night...

EY Picture News - Farming 

We looked at this weeks Picture News poster and talked about what we could see. What we liked and disliked about the picture? What do you think this week’s news story could be about?

Story: In countries across Europe, tractors have been blocking city streets and motorways as farmers protest against certain European Union rules.

Question: What do you know about farming? What do you find on a farm? How do farmers help us all?

Mardi Gras! 

In RE we have learned that Mardi Gras is a festival that is also celebrated on Shrove Tuesday. The children found out that Mardi Gras is a carnival that is celebrated in February to mark the end of the pre-lenten season in many countries, such as America, Brazil, Italy and Germany. We used a globe to look where these countries are in the world. There is music, dance, colourful parades and costumes during Mardi Gras. The word Mardi Gras means Fat Tuesday - (like pancake day) from the custom of using all the fats in the home before Lent in preparation for fasting and abstinence. In the Mardi Gras parades the people wear beautiful masks and costumes as well as beaded necklaces.
The children all made these fabulous beaded necklaces that they could wear in a Mardi Gras parade! Take a look at them, aren't they fantastic!

EY Picture News - Drinks!

We looked at this weeks Picture News poster and talked about what we could see. We discussed that the poster shows some plastic drink bottles.

We thought about: Do you like the look of these drink bottles? What do you like or dislike about them? I showed the children my drinks bottle (with the label still attached) Do you like my drinks bottle? Do you think my drinks bottle looks the same as these? How are they the same or different?

Story: Coca-Cola has announced it will temporarily be removing labels from Sprite and Sprite Zero bottles to trial ‘label-less’ packaging in some areas of the UK.

Question: How do you choose what drink to buy?

We then looked at lots of different drinks we might like to consume and tried out making our very own healthy fruit smoothies for snack! 


After reading 2 books in our literacy and topic sessions this week - 'The Tiny Seed' by Eric Carle and 'A Seed in Need' by Sam Godwin, we have planted our own runner bean seeds to care for over the coming weeks!
We have learned all about how seeds need warmth, water and nutrients to grow well. We have planted them in pots with compost and given them water. We used trowels to fill the pots carefully and a watering can to water them with. We will be checking on them each day and we will keep you updated each week on how our seeds are growing and progressing! 

The children have all made a Lenten Promise linked to putting other's needs before their own. We have made a beautiful paper chain from them and added it to the prayer table...

Space Party Day! Take a look at some of the fun things that we got up to...

Space Costumes! Look at the amazing space costumes we created for our party day! We practised our drawing skills again creating self portraits in our costumes - look at the super detail that we added!

Alien Slime Special Snack! We made green, lime jelly to have for specail snack at our space party! The children observed as the solid jelly cubes dissolved in the hot water to make a liquid. They were amazed how it had set back to a solid in the fridge ready for them to eat!

Fr. Kevan popped into to collect our Get Well Soon cards and prayers to deliver to the poorly people in hospital. Fr. Kevan said the people in hospital would really appreciate them.

Liz Million - Author and Illustrator. The children had a wonderful time working with Lz and drawing their own space robots!

Astronauts - We have been learning all about some famous astronauts from history - the first man into space, the first woman into space, the first man to walk on the moon, the first black woman in space and the British astronaut who lived on the ISS for 6 months! This inspired lots of our costumes for Space Party Day!

Alien Art - the children have been refining their drawing skills, learning how to add detail and features to their drawings!

Letters to Mrs Starkie - The children have written letters asking Mrs Starkie if we are allowed a space party on the last day of term... She checked her diary when we delivered them, and agreed!

EY Picture News - Fashion!

This week’s story is all about a new BBC television programme called Style It Out. The programme is a fashion competition, where 9 children get the chance to be clothes designers and put together different outfits.

We discussed: What is fashion? Would this competition be something you might enjoy? Do you have a favourite outfit? What does it look like? How do you feel when you wear it?

The children taking part in the television show competition must make all of their clothes using second-hand materials. We thought about: What does second-hand mean?

Second-hand means it is not new and someone else has already used or worn it. Using clothes and materials second-hand is good for our environment, because it means we don’t throw as many clothes away and we don’t need to make as many new ones.

Question: Where can we get clothes from?

As we grow, we all need to get bigger clothes because the clothes we have become too small. We looked at the attached sheet which shows where and how people get clothes.

We discussed: When you need more clothes, do you know where they come from? Have you had any second-hand clothes before? Maybe given to you from an older brother or sister, from a friend or bought from a charity shop!

Junk Model Space Vehicles

Get Well Soon Cards

In RE we have been learning all about how Jesus came to show God's love and welcomes everyone into God's Kingdom. We learned how this includes people who are unwell. We learned how Jesus takes care of people who are sick and shared some stories where he healed people to show God's love. We talked about how we can help people who are unwell to feel better. The children shared lots of ideas including giving them a hug or a kiss, taking them to the doctors or the hospital, making them good food to eat, messaging or ringing them to check in on them, getting them their medicines or sending them a small gift or card to cheer them up.
We talked about how Fr. Kevan goes to visit people in hospital who are unwell so we decided to make some Get Well Soon cards for him to take to cheer some of the patients up who are unwell in hospital.
The children listemed and followed instructions well to make their cards. We will next be composing prayers to go inside the cards for the patients in hospital to read. We are hopeful they will make those poorly people feel better. We are trying hard to be kind and love everyone like Jesus taught us.

EY Picture News - Self Driving Cars

We looked at the Picture News Poster.

We discussed: What can you see? What do you like or dislike about the picture? What do you think this week’s news story might be about?

The picture shows a Mercedes car that had been designed to be a possible self-driving car.

We discussed: What do you think a self-driving car is? Have you ever seen any self-driving cars before?

It has been in the news that some self-driving cars may be on the roads in England, Scotland and Wales by the end of the year 2026. We discussed what year it is now, 2024 and counted up to 2026.

We discussed: What do you think about this? Would you like to go in a self-driving car? Why? Do you think we will see lots of self-driving cars on the roads in a few years’ time?

We looked at the world map to see where this weeks story events related to… the United Kingdom.

Question: What must a self-driving car be able to do? We used the attached sheet to discuss these ideas.
Before we have self-driving cars, the people who do sign them will need to make sure they are even better than a car with a driver.

We discussed: Do you think self-driving cars will be able to do all of these things in the photos? Which do you think will be the most difficult to teach cars to do? Why? Would you like to be able to drive a car one day? Do you think you will or do you think all the cars will be self-driving by then?

EY Picture News - Learning to Read...

This week’s news story is all about children learning to read. A university in Spain has been studying how well children learn to read and understand what they are reading. They have been looking at children reading books and children reading from a screen like a tablet, phone or a computer.

We discussed: Do you like to read at home? Do you read by yourself or with someone else? Do you always read and look at books you can hold, or do you sometimes read and share stories on a screen? What do you like the most?

The university in Spain found out that children learn and understand what they are reading much more when reading a book you can hold, rather than on a screen.

We discussed: What do you like about reading a book? Is it holding the book, turning pages, lifting flaps, looking at pictures?

We looked at the world map to see where this weeks story events related to… Spain.

When people look at and read a book, they choose one they think they will enjoy. We looked at some different books on the screen.

We discussed: Which book would you chose to look at and read? What makes you think you would enjoy this book? Do you like story books (fiction) or books that tell you information (non fiction) the most? Do you have a favourite book at home or school that you love to read again and again? What is it? (We looked through the EY Picture News homework)

We then all visited our school library to look at, share and enjoy some books, 

Our new topic is 'Space' - look at all the exciting exploring we have been doing linked to it...


As part of our work on winter, we read a non fiction book all about snow. We learned that snow is frozen rain and that snowflakes are actually tiny drops of ice which are formed in the freezing cold clouds and fall to earth!
The children learned about other things related to snow too including - what snowdrifts and blizzards are, how snow ploughs clear the roads during snowy weather, what we should wear in the snow and all about animals and people who live in the snow all year round near the North and South poles! We learned how a mode of transport used there is a snow mobile - we all thought we would like a go on one!
During exploring time, the children all then got to explore our fake snow! They loved it! The talked about what it felt, looked, smelled and sounded like. They also experimented with different patterns and marks that could be made in it and how it could be moved and manipulated!

A Winter Walk! 

This week we went on a little winter walk around our school grounds looking for signs that we are in the season of winter, using information we have learned from the books we have been reading. Evidence we found…
* We could feel the cold air.
* The wind was freezing.
* We had to wear lots of layers to keep warm.
* The trees had no leaves as they had lost them in autumn and they’ve not yet grown back because it is too chilly.
* some buds were starting to appear on the trees preparing for the new leaves to grow when the springtime months come around.
* There was water on the grass, but it hadn’t rained. We learned that this was from frost and ice that had been there this morning and had since melted and turned back to a liquid in the winter sun.
* Some thistles still had frost on them - we thought they looked like snowflakes!
* Some branches had been blown off the trees trees during the stormy winter weather.
* We found catkins hanging on one tree, we had learned in the 'Secrets of Winter' book that some birds like to eat these in winter.
* In a garden of a house next to school, we could see some evergreen trees and plants/bushes (we learned these are plants and trees that don’t lose their leaves).

EY Picture News - Emojis! 

These faces are emojis. Some people add emojis in messages they send to other people. They may send them in messages on their phones, tablets or computers. It can be a way to show people how you feel without writing a word. Emojis have been in the news because one boy, aged 10, has asked a company that uses them to change one that he doesn’t like.

We discussed: Have you seen people use emojis before? Have you ever used one? Do you like them? Do you have a favourite one?

We looked at a map to see where this weeks story events related to… Oxfordshire, UK.

We then looked at some of the different emojis people send in messages to other people.

We discussed: If you were sent one of these emojis, what do you think it would mean? Does everyone agree? Does anyone think it means something different? Do you think they help us to know how someone is feeling? Do they tell us why someone is feeling that way?

Exploring Ice! Following on from making our own ice, we loved exploring with it in our outdoor area this week!

Making Ice! As part of our learning about Winter, we have been experimenting to try and make ice! The children have learned the words liquid, solid, freeze and melt! They discovered that the fridge wasn't cold enough to freeze the liquid but the freezer was! They all enjoyed frozen ice pops for a special snack!

Jack Frost Magic Pictures! After reading 'Here Comes Jack Frost' by Kazuno Kohara, the children created these wonderful portraits of Jack frost using white wax candles and a blue colour wash!

The Nursery Rhyme Nativity! The children did an amzing job of retelling the nativity story through their perfomances of 'The Nursery Rhyme Nativity'. They performed it to grown ups and loved ones from home. We are so proud of them all.

Christmas Dinner! The children all thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas dinner (especially the Christmas crackers!) They made lots of links to what we learned about the traditions that the Victorians introduced that influence how we celebrate Christmas today - having turkey, having Christmas crackers and all sitting together for a celebratory meal.

Our Visit to Muncaster! The children had a wonderful time at Muncaster Castle learning all about Christmas in the past, soecifically the traditions that were introduced in Victorian times...

We have been making Advent wreaths and a class calendar to help us count down to Jesus' birthday!

EY Picture News - Antarctica!

The picture has been taken in Antarctica.

We discussed: What do you know about Antarctica? Do you know where Antarctica is? Do people live there? What animals do you think live there?

It has been in the news that more plants than ever before are growing in Antarctica.

We discussed: Why do you think there are not many plants in Antarctica? Usually, there aren’t many plants because it is so cold and there is so much ice there. Why do you think that some plants have started to grow in Antarctica?

The world is getting warmer, which means Antarctica is getting warmer too. The ice there is slowly melting so more plants can grow.

We discussed: Do you think the ice me,ting and more plants growing in Antarctica is a good thing? Why?

Where we live, we need and want lots of plants to grow, but in Antarctica, animals, such as penguins, live on ice. If the ice melts, their homes get smaller.

We looked at a world map to see where this week’s story events related to… Antarctica. We even looked at the globe too.

We then look at some pictures of some of the things we can all do to slow down the world getting warmer (climate change).

We discussed: Which of these things do you and your family do? How do you think this helps?

We loved visiting St. Mary's Church to see Fr. Kevan and Learn all about baptism...

We loved celebrating how God made us all unique and how it is great to be different by weraing our odd socks to school!

Library Van Visit!

EY Picture News - Robots! 

A new robot, called Digit, is being tested in Amazon’s warehouses.

We discussed: Have you heard of the company Amazon before? What do you know about Amazon? Have you or someone in your family ever bought anything from Amazon before? How do you buy items from Amazon? How do the items get to your home?

Amazon has many big warehouses, where they store all the different items that they sell. In the warehouses, there are lots of jobs to be done including putting everything Amazon sells on shelves, finding what each person wants to buy and packing it into a box ready to go out. Amazon is trialling, which means trying out, these new robots to help them pick up and move empty boxes so they can be ready to use again.

We discussed: Do you think using robots to do a job like moving boxes around is a good idea? Amazon wants the robots to work together with people. Would you like to work with a robot? Why?

We looked at a world map to see where this week’s story events related to… Seattle, USA.

Robots are being used by Amazon to try and help people. We looked at some pictures, which show jobs or things that people do.

We discussed: Which of these things do you think a robot can do or will be able to do in the future? Are there any that you think a robot will never be able to do as well as a real person? Why? What else do you think robots may be able to help us with on the future? Would you want a robot, like Digit, in your home? If so, what would you like it to do?

Hedgehogs! We have been learning all about hedghogs - take a look at our wonderful exploring!

EY Picture News - Money! 
We looked at the picture news poster to see what we could see. This person on the picture is learning how to use money to buy things.
It’s is in the news that some children have not been taught enough about money at home or at school to help them use it when they become grown ups. 

We discussed: What do you know about money? What do you think you need money for? What about when you area grownup? What do you think grownups need money for? Where does money come from? Have you ever been given any money? If so, what did you do with it? 

We looked at a world map to see where this week’s story events related to… the United Kingdom.

We thought about the question ‘how important is it to understand money?’
All grown ups receive money. They may receive it in cash or it may go into their bank. Grown ups need to pay for lots of things, but they also need to be careful with their money to make sure they have enough for all the important things they need. We looked at a sheet, which shows some of the things that grownups pay for with their money.

We discussed: Which do you think are the most important things grownups need to spend money on? What do you think are the ‘treat’ things they can buy if they have some money left? If you or a grownup has some money that they don’t need or want to spend, what can you/they do with it? 

Remembrance Day - We have created beautiful Poppy collages for our prayer area. We have learned how poppies are a symbol of remembrance and how every year on 11th November, we remember all of the soldiers who have given so much to keep us all safe...

We loved attending the official opening of our new school library! We especially liked listening to a story read by local author, Helen Haroldson!

Bonfire Night! We enjoyed learning all about what Bonfire Night is and why we celebrate it every year on 5th November!

We have been making diva lamps from air drying clay - Hindu people use these to decorate their homes during the festival of Diwali. We learned that they place them near doors and windows to welcome visitors and the Goddess Lakshmi into their homes!

Diwali! We have been learning all about the Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Light!

EY Picture News - Footwear! 

This week’s news story is about Kelvin Kipman, who has run a marathon in Chicago, USA, with a record breaking time of just over two hours.

We discussed: What is a marathon? Do you know anyone who enjoys running or has run a marathon before?

A marathon is just over 26 miles.

We discussed: How hard do you think it will be to run this far? What do you think people will need to do before they run a marathon e.g, practise runs, eat healthy, sleep well?

Runners choose what trainers they run in and Kelvin Kiptum chose to wear Nike Alphafly 3 ‘super shoes’.

We discussed: What do you think a ‘super shoe’ is? What do you think runners, like Kelvin, will think about when they choose what shoes to wear e.g, which will be the comfiest, which will help them to run the fastest?

We looked at the world map to see where this weeks event were related to… Chicago, USA.

We next looked at some different types of footwear.

We discussed: Which type of foot wear do you wear a lot? What do you like to do when you are wearing them? Do you choose different types of footwear to do different things?

Following on from our visit from the veterinary nurse, we have loved taking part in some vets role play using what we learned!

EY Picture News - The Sycamore Gap

This week our news is all about a sycamore tree. It is found between two hills along the famous Hadrian’s Wall that was built a very long time ago to separate England from Scotland. Many people enjoy walking along Hadrian’s Wall and have had photos taken of themselves with this tree during their walk.

We discussed: Has anyone ever been on a walk along Hadrian’s Wall before? Do you like walking in the countryside? What do you or don’t you like about it? What might you see while walking in the countryside?

It has been in the news that someone, without asking permission first, has chopped this tree down. It was found already chopped down by some people walking. (We watched the video to show the tree before and after it had been felled).

We discussed: What do you feel about this week’s story? Why do you think someone has chopped this tree down? What you you say to the person who chopped it down?

We looked at the world map to see where this week’s story events related to… Northumberland, UK.

We next listened to the children, who are sharing a place that is special to them.

We discussed: Do you have a place that is special to you? Where is it? What makes it special for you? How would you feel if your special place got damaged?

We loved visiting our wonderful new school library...

A visit from the veterinary nurse!

Pet Encounter Cumbria! The children loved having a visit from all these wonderful pets! We have learned the makaton sign for them all too!

EY Picture News - Black History Month

We are now in the month of October and every October we celebrate Black History Month.

We discussed: What is history?

History is all about things that have already happened. it may be a very long time ago or not that long ago. Black History Month celebrates the amazing achievements of Black people and this year we are particularly looking at women. It may be women who are great singers, written books, had great success on something such as fashion, sport, business, medicine.

We discussed: Do you know any amazing women? Who are they? Are they famous (e.g., you have seen them on television) or is it someone you know well like someone in your family or a friend? What have they done that you think is amazing?

We looked at the world map to see where this week’s story events related to; United Kingdom where we are celebrating Black History Month.

We next looked at some ways we might celebrate something that someone in our family or a friend has done. (See attached sheet)

We discussed: Have you ever celebrated something that someone you know has done? Maybe your friends or family celebrated something you did? What was it? How did you celebrate? How did the celebration make you feel?

We next had a look at a song about Mary Seacole; a nurse who helped soldiers, who had been hurt in the war.

Whilst exploring, we practised our sewing skills like the amazing nurse, Mary Secole, did whilst sewing up soldiers wounds. We also learned that lots of black women wear their hair in plaits or braids which look amazing so we did some maths work measuring plaits of hair using non standard measures. 

Pet Portraits! We have been learning how to colour mix and observe carefully to create these wonderful pet portraits!

P.E. Inter Schools Obstacle Event at Kells Infants

Our Class Pets! We have been learning all about pets and have got two pets in our home corner now - Meggie the dog and Smokey the cat! We have been learning all about how to look after them properly...

EY Picture News - World Records

The new Guinness World Record Book for 2024 is now available to buy from shops and online.

We discussed: Does anyone know what a Guinness Word Record is? Does anyone have a Guinness World Record Book at home?

The picture shows 15 year old Simeon Graham, who has broken three world records this year, managing to achieve the most juggling catches in one minute with. Five, six and seven objects.

We discussed: What is juggling? Have you ever had a go at juggling before? How do you think people learn how to juggle? Is it something you would like to learn?

We looked at a map to see her this week’s story events related to: London, Guinness a World Records global headquarters.

We then had a look at some of the new world records for this year.

We discussed: Which of these world records do you like the most? Why? If you were to break a world record, what would you do? How do you think people break records? Do you think it’s easy to do?


We have been learning all about bears! We have learned about different types of bears and the habitats around the world that they live in. We also enjoyed reading and creating a story map for the story, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. We then used puppets to act the story out! 

As well as this we created invitations to our own bears at home, inviting them to a teddy bears' picnic in school! We brought all our bears in and introduced them to all our firneds. We also made jam sandwiches for a special snack and enjoyed eating them outdoors at a real teddy bears' picnic! 

Take a look at all the fun we have had learning about bears...

EY Picture News - The Moon

It has been in the news that a space agency from India has sent a space shuttle to the Moon. The space shuttle, which does not have any astronauts (people) on board, is the first space shuttle to successfully land near the Moon’s South Pole.

We looked at some pictures of the moon.

We discussed: Where do you think the Moon’s South Pole is? We pointed to the South and North Pole. Why do you think the space agency in India wanted to send a shuttle to the moon? Why do you think they did it without any astronauts?

As no one has ever landed near the South Pole of the Moon before, India wanted to be the frost country to do it. Now that they have landed on the Moon, they will be able to explore and find out more about it.

We discussed: What do you already know about the Moon?

We looked at the world map to see where this week’s story looks at events related to… India.

We then looked at the pictures and talked about some facts about the Moon. 

We discussed: Would you like to find out more? What would you like to find out? How do you think finding out more about the Moon could help us in the future?

EY Picture News - School Buildings

It has been in the news that some schools have not been able to open at the start of the year because their building are not safe to go in.

We discussed: What do you think could be wrong with the school buildings? What do you think might happen if the buildings are not fixed? How would you feel if you were told you couldn’t start school because the building wasn’t safe? Do you think schools should shut if they are not safe?

We looked at the world map to see where this week’s story events related to… the United Kingdom.

We next listened to some children who were telling us all about someone who makes them feel safe.

We discussed: Who helps you feel safe? What do they do to make you feel safe? Do you think you help anyone else to feel safe? Who?

Self Portraits - All of our Reception friends have been learning what a portrait is and have painted beautiful self portraits for our class gallery!

EY Picture News - Lifejackets!

This week's news story is about a new law that the government (the people in charge of a country) are making in Canada.

We discussed: What is law? Why do you think we have laws? What do you think might happen if someone breaks a law?

The new law in Canada is that all children aged 12 or under must wear a lifejacket on a boat. If children are found not to be wearing one, the grown-up in charge will have to pay a fine (this is an amount of money they must pay because they broke the law).

We discussed: What is a lifejacket? Why do people wear them? What does a lifejacket do? Do you think this new law is a good idea? Why?

We looked at the world map to see where this weeks events related to… Canada.

We then looked at some different types of boats. 

We discussed: Which boat would you most like to go on? Why? Are there any you wouldn’t like to try? Do you think everyone should wear lifejackets on all these boats? Why?

I wonder if your child can tell you about what we have been learning about in Picture News? Can they remember what we should wear when on a boat to keep us safe?

Our first day in Reception! What fun we have had!

2022-2023 Photo Gallery

Mystery Reader - Check back each week to see who it has been!

Our 'One Day Holiday' to Seascale! What fun we had!

Our Poetry Basket Assembly! The children did an amzing performance for the whole school and grown ups from home! We are so proud of them all!

EY Picture News - Wimbledon! 

This weeks new’s story is about the famous tennis tournament, Wimbledon, which is happening right now.

We discussed: What do you know about tennis? Have you seen the Wimbledon tournament on television? Is there anyone in your home, who really likes tennis? Do you know any of the rules of tennis? Is it a sport you have tried before, if not, would you like to?

What do you think makes a good tennis player? A good runner, strong arms, someone who loves the sports?

We looked at the map to see where this week’s story events were related to.

We then looked at some prizes we may win when we take part in a competition or a game.

We discussed: Have you ever won any of these prizes before? What’s as it for? Do we always win a competition because we are the best at something? Is it sometimes good luck? Do you always have to win? How does it feel to win something?

Learning all about Nigeria! Angelo's Daddy came in to talk to us all about what it is like to live in Nigeria. The children then each asked him a question to find out even more... What a wonderful learning experience for us all!

EY Picture News - The Countryside Code

This week's news story is all about a government organisation, called Natural England, who have teamed up with Shaun ten Sheep to help people learn all about the Countryside Code.

We discussed: What is the countryside? What might you see in the countryside? What do you think the Countryside Code might be?

We watched the video (Shaun the Sheep Countryside Campaign -  Which shows Shaun the Sheep and his friends explaining more about the Countryside Code.

We discussed: What do you think Shaun the Sheep and his friends are trying to tell us?

We looked at the world map to see where this week’s story events related to.

We looked at and talked through the poster about the Countryside Code. 

Mamma Mia Pizzeria! The children loved learning all about the continent of Europe this week, especially the country of Italy! We made a special food that was first made in Italy 144 years ago... Pizza!