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Class Photo Gallery

2022-2023 Photo Gallery

Mystery Reader - Check back each week to see who it has been!

Our Beanstalks! 

Yesterday the children took their bean plants home which they planted on the first day back after February half term.
They have looked after them well, taking turns on a rota to water them! We started our topic by reading ‘The Tiny Seed’ by Eric Carle and the things the children learned from the book that seeds need to grow, we’re actually really the things they needed! These were light, warmth and water (moisture). The way our beanstalks have grown over this half term have shown this! 
Each week, one of our maths lessons has been measuring how much our beanstalks have grown using multi-link cubes. Take a look at the progress over the weeks in the photos below. We used a different colour to show each week’s growth! We have been comparing the height of the beanstalks with vocabulary such as tall, taller, tallest, short, shorter, shortest. In small groups yesterday we made group bar charts with our multi link towers to compare the heights of the beanstalks with our friends!
The overall tallest beanstalk was Daisy’s which was 43 cubes! Poppy’s was in second place at 42 cubes and Lily Jo’s in third at 40 cubes!

Library Van Visit! Look at the wonderful books for pleasure that we chose!

EY Picture News - Learning all about what guide dogs are, how they are trained and how they help people...

Live Lamb Cam! Following our trip to Walby, we have had a live lamb cam in class!

Making 7! We have been practising making 7 in different ways using our 7 little ducks song!

Living Eggs! We are loving having the chicks in class! Take a look at what has been going on...

An Alphabet of Fruits! 

Following on from our World Book Day activities around the book 'Oliver's Fruit Salad', we have used our knowledge and the internet to research and find a different fruit for each of the letters of the alphabet! 

We have then observed closely what these fruits look like, using the internet on the ipads, and painted an observational picture of the fruit from our selected letter of the alphabet! 

We had to use our colour mixing skills that we have been developing over the year to paint them the correct colours. 

Take a look.... They look fantastic! 

Father Kevan came to visit to talk to the children about Lent...

EY Picture News - How can we protect British wildlife?

World Book Day! Can you tell which charcters we have dressed up as?

Fruit Tasting! We sampled different fruits and voted on our favourite!

We made fruit salad and ate it for special snack! Delicious!

EY Picture News - Do you like to spend or save money?

Space Party Day! What fun we had to finish our topic!

Alien Slime Jelly Special Snack - Solids, Liquids and Chanaging State!

We have been learning all about what it is like to live on the International Space Station! We made our climbing tree into it!

EY Picture News - All about Gorillas!

Multi Skills Fun Competition at St. Benedict's for 6 Reception Friends!

Capacity - Lots of practical fun learning all about capacity!

St. Valentine's Day! We learned about the history of St. Valentine and then made these cards for our loved ones...

After learning all about famous astronauts and cosmonauts we learned the astronaut and cosmonaut Just Dance routine!

EY Picture News - Fair Pay in Sport

Dance Competition with Kells Infants!

Our Space Vehicle Junk Models!

National Storytelling Week! 

We loved dressing up as characters from our favourite books! 

Our friends from Year 6 also visited us on Friday afternoon to read each of us a story! We loved listeniong to the stories they had chosen to share with us! 

The Amazon Rainforest! Our EY Picture News this week was all about saving the Amazon Rainforest; take a look at some of the activities we completed....

Get Well Cards - We made cards and thought of prayers for people in our local hospital. Father Kevan is going to deliver them for us....

Fruit Smoothies!

EY Picture News - Inspired to be a Diver by Andrea Spendolini-Sirieix

Liquids and Solids... Freezing and Melting! Chilly Special Snack!

Liquids and Solids.... Freezing and Melting! Exploring Ice!

Nursery Rhyme Nativity

Christmas Party Fun!

Our traditional Christmas dinner!

Our Christmas Trip to Muncaster Castle - What was Christmas like in Victorian times?

All about hedgehogs! 

The children had shown a real interest in hedgehogs after the visit from the veterinary nurse who has a pet African pygmy hedgehog! 

The have loved accessing a range of enhancements linked to their learning on hedgehogs within the continuous provision! Take a look...

Pedal Power!

Remembrance Day Poppy Collages

Firework art for Diwali and Bonfire Night celebrations!

Sculpting and Decorating Clay Diva Lamps

Spooky Fancy Dress Day!

Pet Portraits - Observational Paintings and Colour Mixing!

A visit from the veterinary nurse!

Learning all about different bears...

Making jam sandwiches for our Teddy Bears' Picnic!

2021-2022 Photo Gallery

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