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Class Photo Gallery

2023-2024 Class Photo Gallery

Self Portraits - All of our Reception friends have been learning what a portrait is and have painted beautiful self portraits for our class gallery!

EY Picture News - Lifejackets!

This week's news story is about a new law that the government (the people in charge of a country) are making in Canada.

We discussed: What is law? Why do you think we have laws? What do you think might happen if someone breaks a law?

The new law in Canada is that all children aged 12 or under must wear a lifejacket on a boat. If children are found not to be wearing one, the grown-up in charge will have to pay a fine (this is an amount of money they must pay because they broke the law).

We discussed: What is a lifejacket? Why do people wear them? What does a lifejacket do? Do you think this new law is a good idea? Why?

We looked at the world map to see where this weeks events related to… Canada.

We then looked at some different types of boats. 

We discussed: Which boat would you most like to go on? Why? Are there any you wouldn’t like to try? Do you think everyone should wear lifejackets on all these boats? Why?

I wonder if your child can tell you about what we have been learning about in Picture News? Can they remember what we should wear when on a boat to keep us safe?

Our first day in Reception! What fun we have had!

2022-2023 Photo Gallery

Mystery Reader - Check back each week to see who it has been!

Our 'One Day Holiday' to Seascale! What fun we had!

Our Poetry Basket Assembly! The children did an amzing performance for the whole school and grown ups from home! We are so proud of them all!

EY Picture News - Wimbledon! 

This weeks new’s story is about the famous tennis tournament, Wimbledon, which is happening right now.

We discussed: What do you know about tennis? Have you seen the Wimbledon tournament on television? Is there anyone in your home, who really likes tennis? Do you know any of the rules of tennis? Is it a sport you have tried before, if not, would you like to?

What do you think makes a good tennis player? A good runner, strong arms, someone who loves the sports?

We looked at the map to see where this week’s story events were related to.

We then looked at some prizes we may win when we take part in a competition or a game.

We discussed: Have you ever won any of these prizes before? What’s as it for? Do we always win a competition because we are the best at something? Is it sometimes good luck? Do you always have to win? How does it feel to win something?

Learning all about Nigeria! Angelo's Daddy came in to talk to us all about what it is like to live in Nigeria. The children then each asked him a question to find out even more... What a wonderful learning experience for us all!

EY Picture News - The Countryside Code

This week's news story is all about a government organisation, called Natural England, who have teamed up with Shaun ten Sheep to help people learn all about the Countryside Code.

We discussed: What is the countryside? What might you see in the countryside? What do you think the Countryside Code might be?

We watched the video (Shaun the Sheep Countryside Campaign -  Which shows Shaun the Sheep and his friends explaining more about the Countryside Code.

We discussed: What do you think Shaun the Sheep and his friends are trying to tell us?

We looked at the world map to see where this week’s story events related to.

We looked at and talked through the poster about the Countryside Code. 

Mamma Mia Pizzeria! The children loved learning all about the continent of Europe this week, especially the country of Italy! We made a special food that was first made in Italy 144 years ago... Pizza!

Our Airport! We have been learning all about airports, what happens there and how we can travel to any destination in the world by aeroplane! We have made an airport in our role play and have been learning about all of the different roles we can take on and the vocabulary we would use!

The Church! We visited St. Mary's Church to learn all about the features of the special building, where we, as God's family, are always welcome to go...

EY Picture News - Sleeping Outdoors! 

This weeks news story is about 13-year-old Max Woosey. When he was 10, he wanted to raise £100 for a hospice (a place that helps very poorly people) near to where he lives. He decided he would sleep outside in a tent in his garden and ask people to sponsor him (give him money) for doing so. Max slept in his tent every night, even through heavy rain and wind, and now has become a Guinness World Record breaker for being the person who has raised the most money ever by camping. He slept in his tent every night for three years and raised £750,000.

We discussed: Have you ever slept in a tent? If so, what was it like? If you haven’t, would you like to? What noises do you think you might hear when you are in a tent? Do you think you would enjoy sleeping in a tent every night? What do you think it would be like when it rained hard or it was really windy?

We looked at the map to see where this weeks story event related to; Devon, United Kingdom.

We looked at pictures of different places you could go on an adventure and put up a tent.

We discussed: If you were to go on an adventure and stay in a tent for a night, where would you like to go and put up your tent? What do you think you would hear in your tent? Is there anywhere you wouldn’t put up your tent? Why?

We then tried to break some records of our own too! 

Firefighter role play inspired by our visit to Whitehaven Fire Station!

Our visit to Whitehaven Fire Station!

EY Picture News - World Environment Day

This week’s news story is all about World Environment Day, which is celebrated every year on 5th June. On this day, everyone is encouraged to think about how we can protect (look after) our environment.

We discussed: What is our environment! What do you think we are trying to protect?

Our environment is everything around us including plants and animals, rivers, mountains, beaches and even the air we breathe.

We discussed: How do you think we can help protect our environment? E.g. How do we help keep our beaches clean and tidy? How can we protect wild animals that live in the woods? What do you think could happen to some wild animals, if litter is left lying around?

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), who set up World Environment Day, thinks we can do a lot to stop the huge levels of plastic being thrown away.

We looked at map to see where this weeks story looks at events related to: Côte d’lvoire (World Environment Day host)

We looked and some pictures of plastic items that we use once and then throw away.

We discussed: Do you think we need to use all these plastic things? What could we use instead? Would it be a good idea to buy a bottle of water everyday before you come to school? What could you do instead? If everyone stopped using plastic things that get thrown away after using only once, do you think we could make a difference? How would it help our environment and our world?

Presenting our flowers to Our Lady - we visited St. Mary's Church to present our hyacinths to Our Lady. Don't they look beautiful!

Flowers for Mary - We used our design and technology skills of folding, cutting, curing and joining to make these beautiful hyacinths to present to Mary at the May Liturgy!

EY Picture News - Staying Safe on the World Wide Web

This weeks news story is all about the World Wide Web.

We discussed: Does anyone know what the World Wide Web is?

The World Wide Web is all the websites we can look at when we are on the internet.

We discussed: What do you like to do online? What do you use to get onto your favourite websites e.g., a laptop, a phone, a tablet? Does everyone in your home like to use the same or different websites? Why do people in your home like to use websites for e.g., shopping, watching videos, playing games, finding out information?

The World Wide Web is in the news as it has been 30 years since the first websites were put on the internet.

We discussed: Can you imagine not being able to go onto websites now? If your family couldn’t buy anything from a website, how would they be able to buy everything they need? If they wanted to find out something, how would they do it?

We looked at a map to see where the World Wide Web was invented. It was invented by a British Computer Scientist Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 while working at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. The web was originally conceived and developed to meet the demand for automated information-sharing between scientists and institutes around the world.

We next looked at some popular logos from company websites grown-ups and children like to visit.

We discussed: Do you recognise any of these logos? Which of these websites do you go on? What do you use them for? Do you know any grown-ups who use any of these? How do you make sure that you are safe when you go onto your favourite websites? Do you have rules at home about being online?
Do your parents/carers tell you when you should come off websites/online games?
Is it ok to talk to people you know online? What about people you don’t know? Have you ever seen something on a website that you don’t like or makes you feel sad, what should you do?

Year 6 came to share stories with Reception as part of 'National Share a Story Month'! The children loved it!

Paramedic Visit! As part of our 'People Who Help Us' topic we have been learning all about the different jobs that people who work for the NHS do. We were very luck that Anne, a paramedic, visited school with an ambulance to bring the learning alive!

The Ascension - The children learned all about the Ascension story and role played it outside, thinking ver hard about the emotions Jesus and his friend would have experienced.

EY Picture News - Seagulls! 


This week's story is all about seagulls. Blackpool Zoo has said it is going to employ some people whose job will be to scare away seagulls. These people will dress up in large inflatable bird costumes and shoo away seagulls they see at the zoo. 


We discussed: Why do you think Blackpool Zoo might need people to do this? Is this a job you think you would enjoy? Have you ever had a problem with a seagull before? What happened? How did you feel?

Seagulls are known for stealing food. Sometimes they can take it straight out of your hands! Blackpool Zoo has said that seagulls are taking food from people and also from the animal enclosures.

We discussed: Do you think this is something Blackpool Zoo needs to stop? Why? Is it fair to treat the animals in this way?

We then completed lots of different zoo and seagull related exploring! 


EY Picture News - The Eurovision Song Contest! The children learned all about the Eurovision Song Contest that is being held in Liverpool on behalf of the Ukraine this week. They had all prepared a talent for our own talent show and everyone voted for their favourite acts!

Our National Anthem Performance!

Still image for this video
Over the past 2 weeks we have been learning the National Anthem with Makaton signs to help us! We performed it in assembly for everyone! Long live the King! 👑🇬🇧

Observational Portraits of King Charles III! Super detail on these portraits from all of our friends!

King Charles III’s Coronation! We have been learning all about King Charles III and his upcoming coronation this week...

Our Allotment! 

This week in RE we have been learning more about the Resurrection and how Mary Magdelene visited the tomb on where Jesus' body was on Easter Sunday. We learned how she found out that Jesus was alive again.
We talked about the special thing happened in this story and how we thought Mary Magdelene would have felt? We learned about how this only happened to Jesus because He was God’s son – it was a miracle and how God made this happen to prove we should believe in Him and in His Son – Jesus.

We talked about the bean seeds we planted before Easter and how we had to care for them to make them thrive and grow and then found out that we are going to now grow our own vegetables in our allotment patch!
The children started by clearing out one of our digging pits to create our very own allotment. We started off by digging out all of the weeds that had taken over; using spades and our hands and muscle power! Next we added a couple of bags of compost as an extra layer to our soil using rakes to smoothen and flatten it down. Then in groups we have planted a variety of vegetable seeds; carrots, lettuce, onions and courgettes. All the seeds looked very different when we planted them! Finally we gave our newly planted seeds a water. We will be loving, caring for and tending to our allotment over the coming weeks and can’t wait to watch and see our vegetables grow - just like we can all grow when we are cared for, loved and looked after by God, Jesus and the people around us.

St. George shield and dragon parade! The children loved parading to drum beat throughout the whole school to show their junk model dragons they made in school and shields for St. George they made at home!

Junk Model Dragons! The children have made some amazing junk model dragons to use in our parade! Great listening to instructions and fine motor skills!

EY Picture News - Learning in Afghanistan and how can we learn?

This week's news story  in EY Picture News is about a new BBC television programme called Dars. It has begun to help children learn from home in Afghanistan.

We discussed: have you heard of the country Afghanistan before? What do you know about this country?

A group called the Taliban took charge of Afghanistan in 2021 and since then, most girls older than 11 have been banned from going to school.

We discussed: What does banned mean? Do you think it’s fair that boys can go to school but girls cannot? What do you think the girls will do all day? How would you feel, if you were told you were not allowed to go to school anymore?

The new television programme has been specially made for children wanting to learn in Afghanistan and is called Dars, which means ‘lesson’ in the main languages spoken in Afghanistan.

We discussed: There are many languages in the world? Can you say any words in a different language? Is there a language that you would like to learn? Do you think this new television programme to help Afghan children learn is a good idea? How do you think we could help?

We looked at the map to see where Afghanistan was.

We then looked at some ways that we can learn. (See photos below)

We discussed: How do you think you learn best? Which way do you enjoy the most? Why? If you enjoy exploring, where do you like to explore and play? Outside/inside, in a garden, a wooded area, in the classroom, in a sandpit/water tray? Do we all enjoy learning in the same way? Why?

Learning all about odd and even numbers!

Happy St. George's Day! The children learned how St. George is the Patron Saint of England and how two symbols of England are the flag and the red rose. The children made both of these to take home and put up in their homes to celebrate St. George's Day this Sunday, 23rd April!

St. George and the Dragon! We are loving our new topic on the legend of St. George and the Dragon - take a look at the play we have been enjoying based around the theme!

Red Wears Hearing Aids

This week in ‘One Decision’ we we listened to a story about people who wear hearing aids and why they wear them. The story was about ‘red the drop’ at school and the teacher explaining why she wore them. Firstly the Mr Scott the teacher sat them down and explained that’s some people have difficulty seeing and need to wear glasses, and then that some children have trouble walking and may use a set of sticks, leg braces or a wheel chair. Mr Scott then said that some people have difficulty hearing so may use a hearing aid to help them hear and then she told the class how they help her and things her friends could do to help her too, such as facing her when they talk so she can see their lips.

We are very lucky as we have a lovely girl in Year 4 who wears them and she kindly came down to show the children her hearing aids and digital box and tell us a bit about what they do. She told us how long she’s had them for (since she was 4/5) and how they help her (she said they made sounds louder for her) she also told us that she doesn’t mind wearing them at all because it helps her so much. :) 

EY Picture News - Emergency Alert! What is an emergency and how should we deal with it?

Look at how we experienced Easter joy like Jesus' friends, family and followers did when he rose on Easter Sunday!

He is ALIVE! Our wonderful Easter cards showing that we understand that Jesus rose on Easter Sunday!

Our visit to St. Mary's Church to learn all about the Stations of the Cross and how they show what Jesus endured on Good Friday...

EY Picture News - The Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Our Beanstalks! 

Yesterday the children took their bean plants home which they planted on the first day back after February half term.
They have looked after them well, taking turns on a rota to water them! We started our topic by reading ‘The Tiny Seed’ by Eric Carle and the things the children learned from the book that seeds need to grow, we’re actually really the things they needed! These were light, warmth and water (moisture). The way our beanstalks have grown over this half term have shown this! 
Each week, one of our maths lessons has been measuring how much our beanstalks have grown using multi-link cubes. Take a look at the progress over the weeks in the photos below. We used a different colour to show each week’s growth! We have been comparing the height of the beanstalks with vocabulary such as tall, taller, tallest, short, shorter, shortest. In small groups yesterday we made group bar charts with our multi link towers to compare the heights of the beanstalks with our friends!
The overall tallest beanstalk was Daisy’s which was 43 cubes! Poppy’s was in second place at 42 cubes and Lily Jo’s in third at 40 cubes!

Library Van Visit! Look at the wonderful books for pleasure that we chose!

EY Picture News - Learning all about what guide dogs are, how they are trained and how they help people...

Live Lamb Cam! Following our trip to Walby, we have had a live lamb cam in class!

Making 7! We have been practising making 7 in different ways using our 7 little ducks song!

Living Eggs! We are loving having the chicks in class! Take a look at what has been going on...

An Alphabet of Fruits! 

Following on from our World Book Day activities around the book 'Oliver's Fruit Salad', we have used our knowledge and the internet to research and find a different fruit for each of the letters of the alphabet! 

We have then observed closely what these fruits look like, using the internet on the ipads, and painted an observational picture of the fruit from our selected letter of the alphabet! 

We had to use our colour mixing skills that we have been developing over the year to paint them the correct colours. 

Take a look.... They look fantastic! 

Father Kevan came to visit to talk to the children about Lent...

EY Picture News - How can we protect British wildlife?

World Book Day! Can you tell which charcters we have dressed up as?

Fruit Tasting! We sampled different fruits and voted on our favourite!

We made fruit salad and ate it for special snack! Delicious!

EY Picture News - Do you like to spend or save money?

Space Party Day! What fun we had to finish our topic!

Alien Slime Jelly Special Snack - Solids, Liquids and Chanaging State!

We have been learning all about what it is like to live on the International Space Station! We made our climbing tree into it!

EY Picture News - All about Gorillas!

Multi Skills Fun Competition at St. Benedict's for 6 Reception Friends!