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As part of our BrightStars project, we have made Road and Water Safety posters to raise awareness and spread the message of safety through our community. We have handed these out today, along with an ice-pop treat! We hope that our messages will help our community to stay safe.

Financial Planning Workshop

Year 6 have been learning all about money, budgets and how to prioritise needs against wants. They thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, which was delivered by Mikey, and made a great job at their budgeting task.

Well done Year 6!

Storytelling Week 2023

To celebrate storytelling week, Year 6 enjoyed dressing up as our favourite literary characters, taking part in an awesome story time assembly with Mrs Davidson and sharing our favourite stories with our Reception friends.


As part of our science topic, we made blood! The ingredients represented the different components and we used the approximate percentages they are of our blood! 
Plasma- Apple Juice

Red Blood Cells- Strawberries

White Blood Cells- Mini Marshmallows

Sprinkles- Platelets

Water Workshop- Climate Change

Year 6 had a water workshop where they looked at our water usage and the effect of climate change on our water resources. A great morning was had by all.

D&T- Steady Hand Game

In our D&T topic, we put our electrical circuit knowledge to the test and created some steady hand games. They were great fun to design and construct (a little fiddly at times) but we are very proud of the results!

Christmas Carol Singing

Year 6 visited Morrisons to sing for the public and raise money for school activities. We had a great time and also had some very special, surprise visitors join us for a song!

BrightSparks Electricity Workshop

What a fantastic time we had when Fran came to visit us to teach us all about electrical circuits and their components. He also helped us to plan and carry our investigations into the effects on bulbs and buzzers when circuits are altered. 

Evolution and Inheritance- Biscuit Cladograms

In science, we have been looking at evolution. We decided to show the process of evolution through biscuit cladograms! Can you see the evolution over time?

WWII Evacuation Day- Hawse End

Year 6 visited Hawse End to experience life as a WWII evacuee. They were greeted by Private Robin of the Home Guard, who walked us from the train station to our destination (just as hundreds of evacuees had done in Keswick during WWII). We spent the day doing lots of activities and even got sent on a search and rescue mission to find a downed aircraft. The day ended with an air raid- the outside sheds were a pretty scary place in the pitch-black. 
We had so much fun and learnt so much about the experiences of evacuees during WWII.

Eden Camp- WWII

We visited Eden Camp to see what life was like on the Home Front during WWII. We had great fun and learnt so much. 

Rembrandt- The Masterpiece Tour

Year 6 were invited down to The Beacon Museum to see their art work displayed within the exhibition for Rembrandt’s ‘Saskia van Uylenburgh in Arcadian Costume’. 
It was wonderful to see their creations alongside the 400 year old painting. We were also delighted to be able to share this special occasion with so many family and friends! 
Well done Year 6!