Hello from Year 4!

Welcome to Year 4! In our class we have Mrs McAdam (Teacher), Mrs Greenwood (Teacher), Miss McGrady (Senior Teaching Assistant) and Miss Hickling (Teaching Assistant). In Year 4 we are a super team and work well together no matter how difficult the task is. We love to learn and we are always willing to take on new challenges.

We have lots of exciting learning going on so please use this page to see what we get up to throughout the year.



Year 4 Topics

Below you will find a list of topics we cover throughout the year:

  • Autumn 1 – The Romans

  • Autumn 2 – The UK

  • Spring 1 – Anglo-Saxons

  • Spring 2 – North America

  • Summer 1 – Mountains and Rivers: The Lake District

  • Summer 2 – John Paul Jones


Please take a look at the newsletters below to find out what our children will be learning:

Prayer and Liturgy

Year 4 have been excellent at planning and leading their own Prayer and Liturgy sessions.