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We grow and learn in the footsteps of Jesus

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Our Staff

Staff List 


Head Teacher – Mrs Susan Starkie


Nursery Teacher – Miss Emily Jackson

Assisted by Miss Catherine Bleasdale


Reception Teachers – Mrs Helen Sibbald

Assisted by Miss Chelle Buchanan


Year 1 Teacher – Miss Claire Hillon

Assisted by Mrs Laura Gibson


Year 2 Teacher – Mrs Claire Davidson (Deputy Head Teacher) & Mrs Jayne Varty

Assisted by Mrs Susan O’Neill 


Year 3 Teacher – Miss Devon Holmes

Assisted by Miss Stacey Little and Mrs Linzi Newall


Year 4 Teacher – Miss Emmy Dillon

Assisted by Mrs Lia Henry and Miss Leona McGrady


Year 5 Teachers – Mrs Sarah McAdam & Mrs Jayne Varty

Assisted by Mrs Anne Marie Oldfield


Year 6 Teacher – Mrs Carley Miller

Assisted by Mrs Carla Scott and Miss Leona McGrady


Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator – Mrs Jane Chidlow


Midday Supervisors – Mrs Margaret Collins, Mrs Gloria Spence,

Mrs Helen Phifer, Mrs Fay Porter, Mrs Barbara Doran


Janitors – Mrs Margaret Currie, Mrs Margaret Collins and  Miss Laura Flanagan


School Business Manager – Mrs Anne Hillon