Welcome to our Year 3 page!

In Year 3, we have Miss Holmes (Class Teacher) and Miss Little (Teaching Assistant). In our class, we work as a team and try our best in everything that we do. We have lots of super ideas and lots of fun!

In Year 3, each of our topics give us the opportunity to explore the world and how we see it in many different ways.

Topic Subjects for Year 3:

  • Autumn – Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron age

  • Spring  – Volcanoes and Earthquakes and Europe including Russia

  • Summer – Ancient Egyptians and The River Nile

Please take a look at our curriculum overviews to find out how the requirements of the Curriculum are being delivered in Year 3.

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Building Skeletons – 29.09.2020

This week in Science, the children in Year 3 have been identifying that humans (and some other animals) have skeletons for support and movement. We have been learning about the main body parts related to our own human endoskeletons – we have even worked in teams to build skeletons of our own! We used this vocabulary to identify specific bones and positioned them correctly. It was lots of fun! We then compared our skeletons to other animals with endoskeletons. Take a look at our amazing work!
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