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P.E. - Fitness (9.2.23)

In our P.E. lesson this half term, we have been working on our fitness. Year 4 showed that their hard work is paying off because this morning they ran a mile. We are very proud of them! They have been noticing how good exercise can make you feel both physically and mentally. 

Science - Invertebrate Hunt 

As part of our science topic, All Living Things, Year 4 have been learning about invertebrates. They used a classification key to identify invertebrates found in our local environment. We didn't find as many invertebrates as we expected and we hypothesised that this may have been due to the unusually cold weather we'd had. 


Year 4 had an excellent visit to Vindolanda and The Roman Army Museum. We had a Latin class from a virtual teacher, saw many Roman artefacts, learned more about different Roman emperors and even got to experience what it is like to fire an arrow from a bow. 

When we visited the Vindolanda site, the children were amazed at the size of the ruins and couldn't believe how long about they were built! What a great, information filled day we had! 

The Beacon

Year 4 had a great, educational visit to The Beacon. We got to see replicas of Roman shields, weapons and common everyday items they would use (including what they used to wipe their bottoms!). We learned lots about how Romans lived and particularly how Roman soldiers were trained. The day ended with the children examining some real artefacts and making predictions about what they could have been used for. 



R.E. - Joseph 

We have been learning about the story of Joseph in R.E. and we retold it through role play. The children have a great understanding of the story. 

Times Tables 

Times tables are very important in Year 4 so we look for lots of different ways to practise them. Today we used a board game to help us become more fluent in the 9 times tables.