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Anglo Saxon Topic

Year 4 have been learning about Anglo Saxons. Today, an Anglo Saxon visitor helped us understand how and why the Saxons invaded Britain. We practised arranging ourselves ready for battle and what life was like sailing across the sea to settle in East Anglia.

We were learning about why the Saxons were such good fighters and what weapons they used. We also learned about what food they ate and what games they played. 

Year 4's Design and Technology topic was to Change a Recipe. We sampled different types of biscuits and discussed their texture, smell, taste, appearance and packaging. The children created their own mood board which gave them ideas for their own biscuit flavours. They then had to bake their own  biscuits which were absolutely delicious.Well done Year 4.

States of Matter

Our Science topic this half term has been States of Matter. The children had to observe and record the temperature of water when chocolate changes its state from a solid to a liquid. They had great fun during this investigation which lead them to be inquisitive and wonder at what temperature will other solids change their state. They also tasted the chocolate too !!!!

Year 4 have enjoyed using the Atlas and maps in our Geography work

The children enjoyed our Science topic looking at the digestive system. They looked at how food was digested and how Poo is made !!

Our Home/ School project was to make a Roman soldier from a wooden peg. Look at our results


Year 4 have been learning about the Romans and the Roman Empire