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EY Picture News - Expressing our feeings using emojis.

These faces are emojis. Some people add emojis in messages they send to other people. They may send them in messages on their phones, tablets or computers. It can be a way to show people how you feel without writing a word. Emojis have been in the news because one boy, aged 10, has asked a company that uses them to change one that he doesn’t like.

We discussed: Have you seen people use emojis before? Have you ever used one? Do you like them? Do you have a favourite one?

We looked at a map to see where this weeks story events related to… Oxfordshire, UK.

We then looked at some of the different emojis people send in messages to other people 

We discussed: If you were sent one of these emojis, what do you think it would mean? Does everyone agree? Does anyone think it means something different? Do you think they help us to know how someone is feeling? Do they tell us why someone is feeling that way?

EY Picture News - Lifejackets! 

This week's news story is about a new law that the government (the people in charge of a country) are making in Canada.

We discussed: What is law? Why do you think we have laws? What do you think might happen if someone breaks a law?

The new law in Canada is that all children aged 12 or under must wear a lifejacket on a boat. If children are found not to be wearing one, the grown-up in charge will have to pay a fine (this is an amount of money they must pay because they broke the law).

We discussed: What is a lifejacket? Why do people wear them? What does a lifejacket do? Do you think this new law is a good idea? Why?

We looked at the world map to see where this weeks events related to… Canada.

We then looked at some different types of boats. 

We discussed: Which boat would you most like to go on? Why? Are there any you wouldn’t like to try? Do you think everyone should wear lifejackets on all these boats? Why?

I wonder if your child can tell you about what we have been learning about in Picture News? Can they remember what we should wear when on a boat to keep us safe?

Reception EY Picture News - Sleeping outdoors to raise money for charity! 

This weeks news story is about 13-year-old Max Woosey. When he was 10, he wanted to raise £100 for a hospice (a place that helps very poorly people) near to where he lives. He decided he would sleep outside in a tent in his garden and ask people to sponsor him (give him money) for doing so. Max slept in his tent every night, even through heavy rain and wind, and now has become a Guinness World Record breaker for being the person who has raised the most money ever by camping. He slept in his tent every night for three years and raised £750,000.


Reception - EY Picture News The Eurovision Song Contest! The children learned all about this amazing event being held in Liverpool on behalf of the Ukraine. We were so proud of all of the children as they all performed their own talent infront of their friends and then voted for their favourite acts. They showed great support for each other, confidence in their own abilities and a senseof pride and enjoyment in what themselves and their frineds were achieving! Well done everyone!

Reception EY Picture News - What is an emergency and how do we deal with it?

Reception One Decision - Red Wears Hearing Aids

This week, during ‘One Decision’, Reception listened to a story about people who wear hearing aids and why they wear them. The story was about ‘red the drop’ at school and the teacher explaining why she wore them. Firstly the Mr Scott the teacher sat them down and explained that’s some people have difficulty seeing and need to wear glasses, and then that some children have trouble walking and may use a set of sticks, leg braces or a wheel chair. Mr Scott then said that some people have difficulty hearing so may use a hearing aid to help them hear and then she told the class how they help her and things her friends could do to help her too, such as facing her when they talk so she can see their lips.

We are very lucky as we have a lovely girl in Year 4 who wears them and she kindly came down to show the children her hearing aids and digital box and tell us a bit about what they do. She told us how long she’s had them for (since she was 4/5) and how they help her (she said they made sounds louder for her) she also told us that she doesn’t mind wearing them at all because it helps her so much.




Keeping Healthy - A breezy walk!

Playing Co-operatively

Healthy Eating