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Reception - Mrs Varty came to read us the story 'Once Upon a Time Online!' on Safer Internet Day. We learned all about how to stay safe online, safe amounts of screen time and how to seek help.

Safer Internet Day

Pupils in Year 1 - Year 6 took part in a workshop with Mrs Varty to highlight and discuss online safety- we were also very luck to be joined by some of our parents too.


Pupils in KS2 looked at risk factors, which things we were most and least confident identifying online as well as discussing things that we find annoying online and wish we could get rid of!


Pupils in KS1 listened to the story of Hanni and the Magic Window and thought about how we feel when we see something we don't like. We discussed our Trusted Adults and how talking to people about our worries can make us feel better. 

Remember- online safety isn’t just for one day, it’s for every day!

Pupils in Reception have had a very busy day learning about online safety. Here are just some of the things they got up to today for safer internet day.

They discussed the problems that arose in the story we read and gave appropriate responses

They discussed and wrote a set of rules for staying safe online. 

They watched a video from one decision of DeeDee's golden rules when using tablets or the internet.

Reception pupils read a story and learned a song to help us remember what to do if we need to make a tricky decision when using the internet.

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Year 1 looked at the PowerPoint from Project Evolve and had a good discussion. They then got into a circle and sorted the rule cards into the correct categories for keeping safe online and keeping happy and healthy online. The children then went off and drew pictures to correspond with these rules, and then placed them into the correct categories.