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Maths Gallery

Reception - measuring our beanstalks with non standard units of measure. The children used a different coloured block for each week's growth. Each we we discussed how much their plant had grown, the total height, whose is tallest/shortest etc...

Reception - Tasting fruits then recording our favourites on a pictogram on Purple Mash! The children then talked about what the pictogram showed.

Reception - Supermarkets! Learning all about money. The children have been pricing items, purchasing them, typing the amounts into the till and paying with real coins, as well as recognising and sorting coins too!

Reception - Shoe Shops! Matching pairs of shoes, reading sizes within shoes, recognising and handling money, typing amounts into the till!

Reception - Matching pairs of socks!

Reception - measuring plaits and braids using non standard units of measure as part of our learning about Black History Month

Reception - Playing skittles to practise counting how many altogether!

Reception - Re-use Plastic Maths Challenge! 

As part of this week's EY Picture News on World Environment Day, we learnt how we must reduce, reuse or recycle plastic in order to protect to our environment and the animals that live in it. Rather than recycle our plastic lids, we reused them in our maths challenge today!

There was a number of challenges we could choose. This included;
- Can you put bottle tops in order of size?
- Can you sort them by colour?
- Can you build a tower and count how many you have used?
- Can you make some repeated patterns?
- Can you add two groups together?
- Can you use bottle tops to measure different things? Eg. How long is a pencil?
- Can you count out 10 from a bigger group?
- Can you use them to make pictures?

Our friends completed a number of these challenges and even challenged each other to beat their record in the repeated patterns and towers.

Reception - Odd and Even Numbers!

Reception - Learning how to use a phone to dial 999 in an emergency...

Reception - Measuring our growing beanstalks...

Reception - Dormice positional language!

Reception - Favourite Fruits Pictogram! We tasted different fruits and all had a vote...

Reception EY Picture News on Money - Do you like to spend or save?

Measure- Baking

Some of our friends went shopping for ingredients. They handled money, made amounts and checked change. Once this was done, it was baking time! During this they used their learning about measure to carefully calculate the correct amount of ingredients.

Reception - Practical Capicity Fun!

Reception - Christmas Lights Pattern Wrapping Paper

White Rose Maths

Well done to the children who took part in our WRM sessions last half term. We are very proud of you, as we’re your online tutors. One young lady impressed them so much with her attitude to learning, dedication, resilience and progression, that she was awarded a special gift- our friend Tiny!

Great job team!

Times Tables 

In Year 4, times tables are very important so we look for lots of different ways of practising them. We used a board game to help us become more fluent in our 9 time tables. 

Capacity - Year 2

The children in Year 2 made a range of mocktails as part of their learning in capacity. They had to carefully measure out each of the liquids to ensure the perfect flavour!

Capacity - Year 2

Place Value

In Year 2 we have been using base 10 to help us understand the value of each digit. 

Shorter and Longer

Children used a metre ruler to look at shorter and longer. They then held a jumping competition and used the metre ruler to see who had jumped the furthest.