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Science Gallery

Reception - Our living eggs for National Science Week!

Reception - Saving dormice and other British wildlife (EY Picture News)

Reception - Healthy Eating 5 a day! Preparing and eating fruit salad...

Year 5 - Dissolving Experiment

The children looked at different materials to see which were soluble or insoluble in water. They made predictions before the experiment and compared them to the results. Some materials did dissolve, forming new solutions, others did not dissolve. The children thoroughly enjoyed this experiment. 

Reception - Alien Slime Jelly Special Snack - Solids, Liquids and Changing State!

Reception - What is it like to live on the International Space Station?

Reception - Learning all about the planets in our solar system!

Reception Investigating Ice - Liquid and Solid, Freezing and Melting!

Reception - Visit from a Veterinary Nurse

Reception - Learning all about different bears, their features and their habitats

Year 6- Components of Blood- A Blood Smoothie!

Year 6- Evolution and Inheritance- Biscuit Cladograms

Year 6 BrightSparks- Electricity Workshop


Year 4 Science - Invertebrate Hunt

As part of our science topic, All Living Things, Year 4 have been learning about invertebrates. They used a classification key to identify invertebrates found in our local environment. We didn't find as many invertebrates as we expected and we hypothesised that this may have been due to the unusually cold weather we'd had. 

Observational Drawings

The children have been learning about plants. As part of this learning they created observational drawings of the plants around school.

Planting - Year 2

The children have been learning about what a seed or bulb needs to grow. They have made cress heads using seeds and planted a range of bulbs. They are now going to monitor what happens next. 

Green Houses

The children completed an investigation based on green houses and if seeds and bulbs grow better in these types of surroundings. They made a green house to grow seeds in and compared this to seeds that were not in in a green house.